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Business films

You put everything you have into your product and your clients.

Let us shine a light on your efforts.

Through engaging and personable films,* we create a virtual handshake for your business that will leave your target audience impressed and wanting more.

*Most films are examples of my work as the sole filmmaker of a company that used to be called Silver Feather Studios.  I parted ways with it in 2016 to pursue personal projects. Used with permission.

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Your business,

Great Big Canvas - Canvas on Demand Promo

Great Big Canvas - Canvas on Demand Promo

why video?

Consumption of advertising media used to take place primarily through radio and print outlets. Now, one of the biggest sources of ROI comes from eye-catching videos shared on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. How are you competing for market share in your area?

We have an answer.


Commission a video that shows off the work you do for your business. Whether you're a local artist, entrepreneur, or nonprofit organization, we can apply our talents to elevate your cause and get people talking.

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