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Love films

The love you and your partner share is beautiful.

Let us shine a light on it. 

Through cinematic engagement and wedding films,* we create a stylized memory of your relationship that can be shared for generations to come.

*Some films are examples of my work as the sole filmmaker of a company that used to be called Silver Feather Studios.  I parted ways with it in 2016 to pursue personal projects. Used with permission.

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Your love,

Jelyne + Pete

Jelyne + Pete

why video?

Cell phones have done a lot to devalue the power of video as an art form. Anyone can film a wedding—just hit the record button on your iPad, right?

What really stands the test of time, and is viewable over and again, is a film shot professionally and artistically. A video that catches the small interactions, details of the decorations, tears and applause. A bird's-eye view and a child's-eye view ... and everything in between.

With creative and careful editing, sound and color design, and a musical score, your engagement or wedding film becomes a beautiful memory of your happiness—and your investment in each other—that will last the years. 

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