Love films

The love you and your partner share is beautiful.

Let us shine a light on it. 

Through cinematic engagement and wedding films,* we create a stylized memory of your relationship that can be shared for generations to come.

*Some films are examples of my work as the sole filmmaker of a company that used to be called Silver Feather Studios.  I parted ways with it in 2016 to pursue personal projects. Used with permission.

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Your love,

why video?

Cell phones have done a lot to devalue the power of video as an art form. Anyone can film a wedding—just hit the record button on your iPad, right?

What really stands the test of time, and is viewable over and again, is a film shot professionally and artistically. A video that catches the small interactions, details of the decorations, tears and applause. A bird's-eye view and a child's-eye view ... and everything in between.

With creative and careful editing, sound and color design, and a musical score, your engagement or wedding film becomes a beautiful memory of your happiness—and your investment in each other—that will last the years. 

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The Process

We take pride in the fact that every film we make is honest and intimate. Whether you know the couple or not, each film offers a compelling glimpse of their connection.


To achieve this authenticity, we partner closely with the couple. Our suggested process to make the best wedding film includes:

 1. At least one or two conversations getting to know you: Whether in person or virtual, these conversations let us all become more than strangers before any shooting takes place. 


2. An engagement film: This lets us do a kind of "dress rehearsal" of the wedding day. You'll get accustomed to the cameras, how interviews work, and personally see proof of how the shooting leads to a film, so when wedding day comes, you are confident with the process. AND you get a short film to help get everyone excited for your big day! 

3. A pre-wedding review: We do an in-depth run-through of the wedding day schedule to ensure everything runs smoothly and no important moments are missed. If other vendors such as photographers are involved, we can also meet ahead of time and work together to achieve the best results.   

...and more!



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