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Pivoting during a pandemic: How video marketing can help

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In the face of a pandemic, you've likely had to totally rethink major parts of your business' advertising plan.

Budgets have been slashed. Events are cancelled. Fewer people are driving, so those radio spots and billboards just aren't getting the job done.

The good news (if we can call it that) is that people are using their phones and other digital devices more than ever. In the U.S. alone, smartphone use increased 40 percent this year.

What are you doing to capitalize on this influx of digital traffic? How are you adapting to get your organization's message across? In what ways are you rethinking traditional events in the COVID-19 climate?

Here's how video marketing can help.

Stop the scroll.

While smartphone use is WAY up this year, people are also inundated with content.

Ads need to capture your audience's attention within the first second, and it's difficult to do that with photos alone.

On the other hand, the human eye just cannot resist moving content. Did you know that people look at video five times longer than static content on social media?

That's five times longer to tell your story, five times longer to increase brand awareness, to explain what makes you unique, and make a lasting impression.

Provide a feeling of safety.

How many times have you looked up what the interior of a new restaurant looks like before visiting? How often do you search a new person's name before you meet them?

We tend to be much more comfortable trying new products or visiting new places if we have a clear picture of what we're getting into beforehand.

That's more true in 2020 than ever. People are nervous. Before they buy a product or visit a business, they want to make sure it's safe and worth any risk or investment.

Don't just say you're committed to health and safety -- SHOW it with a video. To make people feel more comfortable, demonstrate the human side of your organization. Show that you're more than just a logo. Show that you're made up of people who care.

Reimagine an In-person Event.

Businesses and nonprofits that rely on big events to fundraise, network, or launch new products just cannot do so in the pandemic climate.

At the same time, simply converting these events to a web-conferencing platform like Zoom is not only logistically challenging, it's also hard to make such events watchable.

To combat this issue, take a look at what big companies like Apple are doing. For their October 13 Apple Event, they pre-recorded a well-made, eye-catching video and streamed it to their audiences. Check it out here or watch it above.

Let's be honest: A premade video like Apple's is WAY more watchable than a poorly lit talking-head on Zoom. Your audience will appreciate that you've given them something actually worth their time to watch, and it will help you stand out from your competition.

While you may not have the same budget as Apple, you can still commission a stunning video that shows off your product or service and keeps your organization relevant -- likely all for much less than you would have spent on a venue and catering.

Need help rethinking your approach during COVID-19? Contact us to start discussing how your organization can stand out using video.

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