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Wedding Films: What Sets Us Apart

Finding the right filmmaker for your wedding can be a daunting task. A quick search on Google turns up a slew of results, as well as some complete misinformation on average pricing, deliverables, and expectations.

Each wedding filmmaker is unique, and to help you make a decision, we've put together this list of differentiators about Watts Filmmaking.

But here's a caveat: The most important step in finding a wedding videographer is simple but sometimes overlooked: Watch their films! Choose a few near you, and decide which creator's films draw you in, keep your attention, and make you feel something. In the end, it's most important to go with the filmmaker whose work resonates most with you.

That said, here are a few characteristics about Watts Filmmaking that are important to us:


We take pride in knowing that each of our films is unique and authentic. By partnering closely with the couple, we avoid the “factory” feeling you may notice in some wedding videos. Filmmaker Brian Watts takes great care to avoid formulaic editing and to ensure each film is personalized to you, the couple.

We also book a limited number of weddings per year. This allows us to focus on one couple at a time, leading to films of the highest quality with remarkably fast turnaround time.


Each filmmaker has their own unique style of editing. Some styles are more documentarian. Others focus on achieving what we would consider an Instagram aesthetic. Some would be described as linear and traditional.

If we had to choose just one word to describe the style behind our wedding films, it would have to be "cinematic." What does this mean? It means dynamic editing, immersive sound design, nonlinear storytelling, and creative shots make for a "movie-like" feel in the final product.

That said, "cinematic" doesn't quite capture it all: We also focus quite a bit of attention on developing a narrative storyline to tie your film together. And we also produce full ceremony films that follow a documentarian approach, shot from beginning to end, to capture your exchange of vows in full.


Filmmaker Brian Watts has worked with more than 50 couples in his 10+ years of shooting and editing films. This experience means you can rest easy knowing the whole process – from planning to the actual shooting – will be seamless and stress-free. We invite you to visit to see samples of his work!


As a member of the Green Wedding Guild, we are committed to taking steps to ensure the long-term sustainability of our business practices. These steps include delivering all documents and files digitally, using rechargeable and responsible technology, and constantly educating ourselves on best practices for staying green.


At Watts Filmmaking, we value love stories in all their unique varieties. For this reason, we do not discriminate based on age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other aspect of identity. Love is love!

Interested in commissioning a film for your upcoming wedding or event? Contact us today to start discussing your vision!

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